Between Here I am This is me and Waiting for You is My Blog. The Bryan Adams song was blaring on my speakers – dislike the use of ear/head phones, I still bluetooth music on the speakers whenever possible – when I was designing this site and it just stuck with me. I have grown up listening to Bryan Adams and a myriad of retro bands of varied genres, who I have loved.

So welcome to my home.

A home that is open – a house with no walls. There are no boundaries. Just thoughts and emotions flowing freely, ready to be exchanged through words and hugs, connecting me with this Universe.

The Universe that is infinitely beautiful and captivating. It speaks to me through the breeze and the bees, through the light and the leaves, through the rain and the rivers and through every single creation of the creator.

It inspires me endlessly to transform myself from existing as a creation to being the source of creation.

If you want to know more about me, you’ll find it here.